fiji-holidaysAre you ready for a romantic Fiji holiday? You can have an unforgettable honeymoon in the island country.

It is a true tropical paradise which seems to be made especially for celebrating love. There is something for everyone no matter whether your couple is fond of sunbathing and relaxation, water sports, adventure activities, exploring the local culture or enjoying fine dining.

Romantic Fiji Holiday: A Honeymoon Retreat

The tropical climate characterized by warm weather, lots of sun and lush green year round makes the island country a true paradise. You will fall in love with the white sandy beaches dotted with palm trees and the crystal clear warm waters steaming with colourful fish. Indeed, this a great place for couples in a romantic mood.

It is easy to find the perfect accommodation for your romantic Fiji holiday. There are couples’ resorts and honeymoon resorts which are designed especially to give you the romantic retreat that you are looking for. You can readily stay at a private bungalow hidden in the lush green.

You will enjoy perfect peace and quite and indulge into the spoils that the amenities can give you. Most resorts have private beaches and offer a complete range of spa services which will help you relax fully and get into an even more romantic food.

Romantic Fiji Holiday: The Best Experiences

You can be certain that your holiday will be perfect in every respect. Fiji is known for its fine cuisine. The exotic specialties are prepared with fresh fruits, vegetables, fish and seafood. You should not miss to have a dish cooked in a lovo (a specially designed pit oven).

The island country is popular for the wide variety of water sports that it offers. You can enjoy anything from surfing to kayaking depending on your preferences. You should definitely go scuba diving to explore the diversity of the underwater world. You can swim with tropical fish and graceful manta rays and get up close and personal with sharks.

There are plenty of activities for the more adventurous couples. Forest trekking is a lot of fun especially if it includes jumping into fresh water ponds with small waterfalls. White water rafting is another popular adventure sport to try in Fiji.

The capital Suva is the best place to explore the local culture in its true essence. It is also a great place for dining. It has a superb nightlife which you should certainly enjoy.

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