fiji-packagesIf you want to enjoy the true beauty of the underwater world through scuba diving, the Fiji packages are the best deals for you.

The country has 333 islands rising from the crystal clear waters which are home to coral reefs, colourful fish and other marine creatures, giant Mantas, turtles, various types of sharks and whales.

There are also exciting wrecks. You can enjoy scuba diving virtually everywhere in the country.

Fiji Packages: Easily Accessible Diving

One of the reasons why Fiji is popular with both beginner and advanced scuba divers is that this water sport is easily accessible. You can readily dive just a few metres from the beach. Many resorts have superb diving sports within their premises.

You can readily walk out of your bungalow, put the wetsuit and the equipment on and go diving. Besides, there are marine reserves off the coast of most islands. There are scuba diving schools virtually everywhere and any hotel and resort can organize a special course for you from the beginning of your stay.

Fiji Packages: When and Where to Dive

When it the best time to get Fiji packages for scuba diving vacations? Anytime is a great time to explore the underwater world of Fiji. Experienced divers recommend the wet season when the water is warmer and the surf is not particularly big. During this time, the plankton attracts manta rays so you can enjoy some unique experiences.

On the other hand, during the dry season, the underwater visibility is greater. Generally, the months bordering the wet and dry season and namely April and May and October and November can give you the best of both worlds – superb diving and great fun on the beach.

Where should you go diving? This is an extremely tough question to answer simply because the islands are full of great spots. The Mamanuca and Yasawa island groups have some of the most popular diving locations with Mamanuca being a popular choice because of its proximity to the tourist hub Nadi. Yasawa offers diving with manta rays and with sharks so it is certainly mandatory to visit it if you are into adventure.

Kadavu is popular for its exciting manta ray encounters year round and for the egg cowry shells. Its isolation and the lack of intense human activity make it even more appealing. Beqa Lagoon is another superb diving location famous for its Shark Encounter and the breathtaking coral formations. The North Group of islands was called by Cousteau the Soft Coral Capital of the world and it certainly has a lot to offer.

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Fiji Travel Packages – Which is Best for You?


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