Fiji Deals: An Escape From Reality

fiji deals online sc121540Whether by oneself or with family, going on a vacation is perhaps one of the best experiences in the world.

For this to be successful knowing where to go is a crucial part of it. With all the places to go, though, it is perhaps best to visit one of the least unexplored places on earth – Fiji.

Everyone will be happy to know, too, that there are many Fiji deals that will offer a lifetime of memories at a reasonable price.

Fiji Deals: An Alternate Reality

As a player often ignored in the international scene, the country – which is the size a of a small island- remains to be an exciting mystery to explore. While it is criticized to not have a sophisticated western liberal democratic state, taking a vacation in Fiji is like having an alternate reality.

This means that problems are left behind, wherever they may be, and the only thing that matters when going there is to enjoy the margaritas while walking along the shore. After all, nobody goes on holidays in order to discuss politics.

Being one of the less developed –at least in terms of economics- only means one thing for this country: everything is cheap. During the global recession, this place was considered to be the favorite of people escaping the stress that the economic turndown has created. The influx of tourists has led to the birth of its tourism industry and the upgrade of its resorts, hotels, and other similar hospitality industries.

Fiji Deals: Any Time Of Year

As compared to a few years ago, different airlines, such as V Australia and Jetstar has resumed daily flights to Nadi. This means that different countries of the commonwealth such as New Zealand and Australia are slowly rebuilding their political and economic relationships with the Fijians.

As a matter of fact, a lot of partnerships between businessmen from New Zealand and Fiji have been created and are ready to surprise the tourism industry by offering cheaper rates in order to fulfill a dream vacation for anyone. These Fiji deals assisted by NZ businessmen are accessible online and can be organized by people wherever that may be.

A Fiji holiday is great at any time of the year. To design your vacation package, click here.

Take Advantage Of Great Fiji Deals For An Unforgettable Holiday

Fiji Deals: A Stairway To Heaven

fiji deals online sc0105Taking a vacation is perhaps one of the most enjoyable things to do. Fiji deals may be the best option to take.

For this to be successful, then, choosing the best destination is essential. Choosing the wrong place to go to is a potential vacation disaster, while being in the right place will surely bring memories that can last a lifetime.

Fiji Deals For Your Escape

Most people, however, do not have any idea of where to go and in the end are stuck with the usual places that are either overrated or exhaustively explored. If you are looking for a place where someone can live quietly even for just one weekend think Fiji.

Fiji is a relatively small island-country that offers tourists an absolute escape from their stressful lives. Most tourists describe it as an alternate reality where they can live like kings and queens at a significantly lower budget.

Here, they will be able to live in a worry free environment and concentrate on drinking margaritas while overlooking the lovely sea and its snow-white sandy shores. The old identity is often replaced with an adventure seeking self who can brave the world and take on a challenge to unravel a mystery.

Fiji Deals: Small and Beautiful

The reason for this lifestyle is the fact that it is one of the less developed countries in the pacific. Once a member of the commonwealth, Fiji’s government opted out of the system and established its own form of government. This phenomenon is a rather amazing one, because like a wanderer who wants to find himself, the country is also hell bent on finding its own identity.

The influx of tourists in this little but absolutely beautiful place has made more developed countries such as New Zealand to invest in its tourism industry. Today, major airlines such as V Australia and Jetstar offer daily flights to Nadi.

These strategic partnerships assure that the country will be developed as a hospitality capital, which offers extremely affordable Fiji deals and packages to the ordinary traveler. These cheap Fiji deals can also be planned online, making a vacation in the island an experience that one should absolutely include in a bucket list.

A Fiji holiday is great at any time of the year. To design your vacation package and get the best Fiji deals, click here.

Fiji Deals: An Escape From Reality

Fiji Deals for a Great Holiday

fiji-holidayThere are many great deals that will get you the Fiji holiday of your dreams.

Hundreds of thousands of people visit these islands every year, so you are destined to find something that captures your interest at this popular tourist destination.

In order to find the best deals, you should find out what Fiji has to offer then figure out what you would like to do the most once you are there.

Designing Your Fiji Holiday

For instance, you will not be at a loss if you are interested in water sports or marine life. Fiji is a must go-to destination for scuba divers and other kinds of water sport enthusiasts. You can find special services if you are already an experienced diver, but beginners can also join in on the fun.You can see all kinds of beautiful aquatic animals including dolphins, manta rays, reef sharks and turtles all around the island.

Golfers can also get a good deal to the Pearl Championship Golf Course including 18 holes set among tropical rainforests and winding canals. There are other golf courses in Fiji, but this one is the most challenging. It is ideal if you are looking for something out of the ordinary or want to find a way to improve your golf game in a different way.

Relax on Your Fiji Holiday

You can also find ways that are more relaxing to spend your time in Fiji including fishing, walking around the island or lying around on the sand beaches. However, you may decide to take the opportunity to do something a little more exciting. The Zipline allows you to swing from a platform to explore the rainforests in a whole new way. You may also decide to watch the hand feeding of the sharks.

With so many Fiji deals on holiday packages, you may have trouble deciding exactly what it is you want to do once you arrive. In any case, you can find a deal that offers many other benefits including shorter flying times, first class hotel accommodations and long weekends. Even if you are traveling on a budget, you can get Fiji deals that help you enjoy your holiday.

A Fiji holiday is great at any time of the year. To design your vacation package, click here.

Fiji Deals: A Stairway To Heaven

Enjoy the Perfect Fiji Holiday by Working with an Expert

fiji-holidayIf you are dreaming of tropical beaches and warm sunny sand then a Fiji holiday might just be what the doctor ordered.

By booking a Fiji holiday package, you can soon be relaxing on a warm tropical beach with a cool and frothy umbrella drink in your hand.

Booking Your Fiji Holiday

When it comes to booking the perfect vacation package, it pays to be clear right from the beginning what your priorities are for your tropical getaway. Some vacationers prefer to spend everyday of their getaway simply soaking up the sun’s soothing rays.

Other vacationers prefer to spend their holidays touring every nook and cranny of the place they are visiting. Some prefer adventure seeking and want to drink in everything that their host country has to offer.

Without having an accurate assessment of what your needs are prior to booking, you cannot possibly book the best trip to suit your needs. If you take a few moments to clearly define for yourself exactly what your dream vacation would be, you are then in a much better place to make that dream a reality.

Travel Professionals Get Your Fiji Holiday Right

Working with a travel professional that is well versed in your country of choice is essential. If possible, try to work with someone that has actually been to your destination of choice. If they have been there multiple times, that is even better for you.

They are in a much better position to advise you of great locations to check out, restaurants that you absolutely must frequent, and even sightseeing spots that definitely have to be on your must do list. Choosing to work with a travel company and travel agent that have complete knowledge of your dream getaway is a wise investment in the eventual fulfillment of your tropical dream.

Another tip to keep in mind is to pay attention to the weather cycles of your destination. If you want to visit Fiji when it is at its warmest then monitoring different factors of Fiji’s weather cycle is important. You want to know when the trade winds are blowing and when you have the best chance of enjoying perfect temperatures. Working with a Fiji travel expert is your best way to assure yourself of the ideal conditions for your holiday in the sun.

A Fiji holiday is great at any time of the year. To design your vacation package, click here.

Packing Right for Your Fiji Holiday

fiji-holidayIf you are planning a Fiji holiday, it is important to pack right.

While there are shops located on the island, knowing what to bring along with you for your summer vacation will save you both time and money.

If you plan ahead of time, go shopping for your vacation weeks and advance, and double check your baggage, you should bring everything you need to experience Fiji. Consider these tips provided by Fiji regulars, and bring things you may have never thought of.

Prepare for Fun in the Sun on Your Fiji Holiday

Obviously, your bathing suit is probably one of the first things you packed. Do not forget to pay extra shorts, hats, sandals, and sunscreen lotion.

Towels are generally provided by your resort. One thing many first time visitors forget is mosquito repellent. If you want to avoid being eaten alive, bring extra!

Make sure you bring enough cash. If you have never visited Fiji, you may not know that the islands do not have ATMs. While some hotels do accept credit cards, the island operates off of mainly cash.

If you do not like carrying cash, you can bring traveler’s cheques. Fiji does not offer the best exchange rates for traveler’s cheques. The only other alternative is buying accommodation passes in advance if you want to reduce how much money you have on you.

Scuba Diving on Your Fiji Holiday

Some cruises will only let you scuba dive if you bring your own gear and you have a buddy to go diving with. If you plan to dive in the beautiful Fiji waters, make sure you save enough room to pack your scuba gear. If you do not, you may end up only getting the chance to snorkel.

If you are not sure what else you should bring when you travel to Fiji, ask an experienced travel agent for advice. It is better to pack too much light clothing than too little.

Always have cash on hand and see what types of activities are offered in your package. Fiji is a beautiful place with lots to offer. Prepare yourself for a peaceful getaway and make the most of your time.

A Fiji holiday is great at any time of the year. To design your vacation package, click here.

Finding Fiji Deals is When the Fun Starts

fiji-dealsIf you are looking for an ideal spot for your holiday, it is a good time to consider looking into a Fiji deals.

If you and your family love the water, Fiji is an island nation where the sky and the water are always the same colour of bright blue. You will want to pack sunscreen, because the sun can be relentless.

However, you may not need it with all the time you are going to be spending underwater, snorkeling and scuba diving. In fact, with all of the coral reefs to explore, your underwater camera may be the most important item in your luggage.

Fiji Deals Open You to Adventure

Perhaps one of the most surprising things about Fiji is that while you will find yourself in a South Pacific paradise, you can still enjoy your Rugby Union action, because Fiji residents are mad about their rugger. Of course, if you follow the Seven Nations, you are already aware that the Fiji team is well represented each time out. I

n fact, if you plan your holiday wisely, you may even get to see The Three Lions in action. Football is well represented in Fiji, as well, and the golfing is superb. Therefore, if you are a sporting enthusiast, you will have everything you could ever want with a visit to Fiji.

Of course, once you set foot upon the bright, white sands of one of Fiji’s beaches, Rugby and football will probably be the last thing on your mind. As you know, Fiji is composed of many islands, and you will certainly want to visit two of the most popular, which are Nadi, and Denarau.

Places to Visit with On Fiji Deals

There are however, a couple of islands you will want to visit just for the restaurants alone. Be sure to visit the Banyan restaurant on the Beqa Island. It is so named because of the huge banyan tree that spreads its branches and flowers across the entire open dining patio.

In fact, while you are thinking about it, go ahead, pick up your mobile and find a Fiji deal to suit the entire family. Also, keep your mobile close at hand once you get there. It will give you all the rugby scores without your ever having to leave the beach.

A Fiji vacation is guaranteed to be relaxing and enjoyable. For more information on putting together your holiday package, click here.

Tips for Planning a Fiji Holiday

fiji-holidayOnce considered too pricey, a Fiji holiday has become increasingly popular as an exotic destination.

More couples have also chosen to tie the knot and honeymoon here, although you do not have to get married to enjoy its relaxing atmosphere, spectacular scenery and friendly people.

Designing Your Fiji Holiday Package

Most people visit on Fiji packages, which are offered by several companies, including Adventure World.  Packages typically include flights, hotels, meals and activities; they are usually good value for money.

Fiji boasts some of the most luxurious resorts in the world, offering every possible amenity, as well as more authentic traditional lodgings with secluded huts built on stilts over the water – what most of us picture when we think of the South Pacific.

It is possible to travel to Fiji independently and there is plenty of budget accommodation on the islands; many hotel rooms have a small kitchen. Fiji attracts a lot of young, single travellers and is relatively safe for women travelling alone. Another option is special interest holidays, which allow you to enjoy such activities as bird watching, snorkeling and river rafting, all included in the total cost.

Choosing a Fiji Holiday Travel Date

The best time to travel to Fiji is during the dry season, June to September. The rest of the time, the weather can be wet and humid, although most hotels and resorts have air-conditioning. Fiji can be crowded during July and August as this is the time of the Hindu fire walking festival.

Fiji actually consists of over 300 islands and flying between them is easy, cheap and convenient. Part of the enjoyment of a trip here is discovering the island that you like and many are uninhabited; appropriately, the Tom Hanks film ‘Castaway’ was filmed in Fiji.

Most visitors spend at least some time on Viti Levu, the largest island and location of the international airport. For a taste of the old South Seas, visit Taveuni and Ovalau, both relatively unspoiled and more relaxed than Viti Levu.

A Fiji Holiday is a great idea for anyone looking for both beauty and relaxation during their travels. For more information on the island, or to inquire about a package, click here.

Popular Fiji Holiday Activities

fiji holiday onlineThe South Pacific Fiji islands attract half a million visitors every year for their beautiful scenery and warm waters.

A Fiji holiday guarantees excellent diving, great surfing, sailing and game fishing.

The Fiji group has more than 300 islands with something to do for every traveller and holidaymaker.

If you simply want to relax under a coconut palm on a sandy beach and swim in a clear, clean lagoon, you can visit a different beach every day and enjoy warm swimming waters around the year.

The interior of many islands is covered by tropical rainforests and mountains that are perfect for short walks or long hikes.

Fiji Holiday: Water Sports

The islands attract crowds of scuba divers and other water sports enthusiasts. Fiji’s diving belongs to the best in the world, thanks to the wide variety of soft corals, an incredible range of tropical fish, and excellent visibility.

Dolphins, turtles, manta rays and reef sharks can be easily spotted around the islands. Several PADI diving schools are located here and many resorts can arrange diving courses.

Fiji also has resorts that specialize in catering for experienced divers. The islands are also known for good surfing and many resorts specialize in hosting surfers.

Some surf breaks are only recommended for experienced surfers, but several places offer beach breaks and bodysurfing opportunities for those with less experience.

The over 300 islands are located close to other beautiful South Pacific islands, and the region offers excellent sailing. Boaters come here from different parts of the world and many of the biggest resorts can arrange yachting holidays or sightseeing trips.

Big game fishing is available around the year and annual fishing competitions bring enthusiasts from around the world to Fiji.

More Fiji Holiday Attractions

Even if you are not planning to participate in water sports, Fiji has a lot to offer. You can enjoy walks along the coast on well-maintained walking paths or visit waterfalls and other natural attractions.

Many resorts arrange day trips and cruises to the smaller islands or to the reef for snorkeling. For an active Fiji holiday, hire a kayak and explore the waters at your own pace.

Make sure you click here to get more information.

Fiji Packages: Pacific Harbour

Fiji Holiday Packages - ActivitiesFiji Holiday Packages: Pacific Harbour Activities and Adventures

If you are reviewing Fiji packages, then you can’t go past this Fiji Holiday Option…

Located on the island of Viti Levu, Pacific Harbour lies on Fiji’s scenic ‘Coral Coast’ and has the widest range of activities and adventures of anywhere in the South Pacific Islands.

Our Fiji packages can be tailored to include these popular activities, read on and discover just how much Fiji has to offer.

Action-packed activities range from white water rafting deep into the Namosi highlands and down the white-water rapids of the Navua River. The experience is highlighted with magnificent scenery from the highlands, rafting through ancient black gorges of volcanic rocks and numerous cascading waterfalls.

Fiji Holiday Packages - AdventuresFiji Holiday Packages: For Golf, Surf & Fishing Enthusiasts

For golf enthusiasts you can take to the fairways of the “The Pearl Championship Golf Course” set amongst tropical rainforests and winding canals. This 18-hole championship golf course designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr was where Greg Norman won his first major tournament and is the most challenging golf course in Fiji.

NZ surfers will love Pacific Harbour, home to some of the best surf breaks in the South Pacific and its left hander break “Frigates Passage” is popular with surfers for its reliable big barrels and long rides.

If you a keen angler there is first-class fishing which ranges from just using a hand line, or reef fishing, right up to big game fishing for those who love the thrill of the chase.

Fiji Packages: The Zipline

For something a little bit different strap yourself in for the ride of your life on the Zipline!
“Zip Fiji” is a unique way of exploring the lush tropical rainforests from above. Thrill-seekers swing from platform to platform at speeds up to 60 km/hour harnessed to a zip line that is the longest in the Southern Hemisphere.

Now if that’s still not enough adventure for you how about the ultimate thrill of shark feeding in the Beqa Lagoon. You can witness the hand feeding of sharks in protected fish sanctuaries that are teeming with hundreds of species of tropical fish and 6 species of shark.

For the less active you can walk or just lie on the longest and best sand beach in Fiji. All theseactivities are included in our range of Fiji Packages.

To help you discover this amazing location, Adventure World offer a range of amazing Fiji holiday packages that will enable you to explore this diverse & adventurous place. Get a FREE online quote right now or speak to one of our knowledgeable Fiji travel experts on 0800 539 811.

Popular Fiji Holiday Activities

Fiji Holiday Packages | Fiji Packages
Fiji Holiday Packages: Look What’s On your doorstep!

Fiji Holiday Packages: Look What’s On your doorstep!

Fiji Holiday Packages with Adventure WorldFiji Holiday Packages: Tropical Island Dreams

Winter is just the time to curl up on your couch in front of a cosy fire and pretend to hibernate. Or it’s the time to dust off the suitcases, throw in the suntan lotion and escape to Fiji where the only heat is from the sun and you can stretch out on a steamer chair by the pool, cocktail and a good book on hand.

Fiji holiday packages offer excellent value for money, not to mention shorter flying times from New Zealand, warm tropical weather, fantastic beaches, crystal clear lagoons and relaxed alfresco dining.

There has never been a better time to travel with Adventure World. So many fantastic Fiji holiday packages including bonus nights, FREE meals and now with the Fijian dollar devaluing – exceptionally low prices.

Our selection of Fiji holiday packages is huge, from shared rooms for the low-budget travellers right up to the family friendly resorts, luxury bungalows and unforgettable cruises – there is literally something for everyone.

Long weekends are popular and with Denarau Island just 20 minutes from Nadi airport, you can choose from any one of the eight or so international-class hotels and resorts with names like the Radisson, Sheraton and Sofitel.

Fiji Holiday Packages - Cruise the South PacificFiji Holiday Packages: Cruising Fiji and the South Pacific

Cruise the beautiful Yasawa Islands if you want to venture further afield. Small ship operator, Captain Cook Cruises, navigates itineraries through one of the world’s greatest archipelagos and delivers passengers to unspoilt, secluded beaches teeming with tropical marine life and colourful coral reefs.

The beauty of Captain Cook is the all-inclusive price: accommodation in a choice of staterooms; all meals including tropical islands feasts; swimming pool, spa and sauna; guided village visits; snorkelling equipment and glass bottom boat excursions; cultural activities and return transfers from most Nadi hotels.

Adventure World™ offers a range of accommodation packages and HOT deals Fiji Holiday Packages that also include The Cook Islands, Samoa, Tahiti and New Caledonia. For more information and pricing click here.

Fiji Holiday Packages

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