The Best Fiji Deals for Any Type of Holiday

fiji-holidaysYour dream holiday can become reality for less with the special Fiji deals available to Kiwis.

The country is one of the top tourist destinations not only in the South Pacific but in the whole world. It has everything for everyone.

No matter what type of holiday you want, you will certainly have the time of your life in Fiji.

Fiji Deals for Romantic and Family Holidays

Fiji is one of the best options for romantic holidays, weddings and honeymoons. It has a number of resorts especially for couples and honeymooners. Some of them span on private islands so you can really enjoy a retreat away from the rest of the world. You can choose to stay in a private bungalow right on the beach.

The spa services offered in the wellness centres of the resorts are totally spoiling. You can choose to have a picnic on a remote sand bar only with your partner. This is one of the most romantic ways to spend the day.

The island has a large number of family friendly resorts most of which are rated with four or five stars. Many of them offer free accommodation and dining to children under the age of 12. They also have kids’ clubs which provide activities for children on a daily basis. Your kids will be entertained and looked after by experienced professionals.

The Fiji family packages are popular with tourists form New Zealand and around the world so it is a good idea to look for special Fiji deals for family holidays in advance. This is particularly applicable if you plan to visit the country during the peak season from May to October or during December and January.

Fiji Deals for Adventure Holidays and Cruises

The adventure holidays in the country are popular with people of all ages and backgrounds. You can enjoy activities such as scuba diving, surfing, white water rafting, trekking and sky diving. If you want something more relaxed you can go for fishing, golf, kayaking, sailing or snorkelling.

Many of the resorts and hotels offer different kinds of water sports activities within their promises or in the immediate area. They can also organise any adventure activity or trip for you upon request.

The cruise holidays give you the chance to explore a large number of Fiji islands and the attractions which they offer from traditional tribal ceremonies to swimming with sharks. You can select from various cruise ships and routes. Advance booking is recommended.

Decide on the best type of holiday for you and start your search for the best Fiji deals. To design your vacation package and get the best deals, click here.


Romantic Fiji Holiday – Honeymoon in Paradise

fiji-holidaysAre you ready for a romantic Fiji holiday? You can have an unforgettable honeymoon in the island country.

It is a true tropical paradise which seems to be made especially for celebrating love. There is something for everyone no matter whether your couple is fond of sunbathing and relaxation, water sports, adventure activities, exploring the local culture or enjoying fine dining.

Romantic Fiji Holiday: A Honeymoon Retreat

The tropical climate characterized by warm weather, lots of sun and lush green year round makes the island country a true paradise. You will fall in love with the white sandy beaches dotted with palm trees and the crystal clear warm waters steaming with colourful fish. Indeed, this a great place for couples in a romantic mood.

It is easy to find the perfect accommodation for your romantic Fiji holiday. There are couples’ resorts and honeymoon resorts which are designed especially to give you the romantic retreat that you are looking for. You can readily stay at a private bungalow hidden in the lush green.

You will enjoy perfect peace and quite and indulge into the spoils that the amenities can give you. Most resorts have private beaches and offer a complete range of spa services which will help you relax fully and get into an even more romantic food.

Romantic Fiji Holiday: The Best Experiences

You can be certain that your holiday will be perfect in every respect. Fiji is known for its fine cuisine. The exotic specialties are prepared with fresh fruits, vegetables, fish and seafood. You should not miss to have a dish cooked in a lovo (a specially designed pit oven).

The island country is popular for the wide variety of water sports that it offers. You can enjoy anything from surfing to kayaking depending on your preferences. You should definitely go scuba diving to explore the diversity of the underwater world. You can swim with tropical fish and graceful manta rays and get up close and personal with sharks.

There are plenty of activities for the more adventurous couples. Forest trekking is a lot of fun especially if it includes jumping into fresh water ponds with small waterfalls. White water rafting is another popular adventure sport to try in Fiji.

The capital Suva is the best place to explore the local culture in its true essence. It is also a great place for dining. It has a superb nightlife which you should certainly enjoy.

Book your romantic Fiji holiday now and grab an amazing money-saving deal. To design your vacation package and get the best deals, click here.


The Best Fiji Deals for Any Type of Holiday


Fiji Travel Packages – Which is Best for You?

fiji-travel-packagesThere are superb Fiji travel packages for any taste.

You will certainly find the ideal deal for you no matter whether you plan a romantic holiday or a family trip. There are fabulous deals for those who dream of sunbathing all day long and for those who love adventure.

You can explore the country’s beautiful nature and rich culture both of which have a lot to offer. Use some helpful advice on how to choose the perfect holiday deal for you.

Fiji Travel Packages: Accommodation and Dining

You will find packages for virtually all of the popular resorts and hotels. Most of them offer standard double rooms and bungalows as well. You can expect the rooms to have air conditioning all the standard amenities.

Most resorts and hotels have a four-star or five-star rating and offer a wide range of facilities and activities from a private beach and swimming pools to spa treatments, kayaking and scuba diving. The resorts can be divided into two major groups – for couples and for families. There are also eco resorts.

You will find many Fiji travel packages that offer bed and breakfast. These are a great option for holiday makers who want to explore the local cuisine on their own. You will find great restaurants both in and outside of the major resorts.

The all-inclusive packages are an excellent choice for families with kids and those who cannot afford to spend much on a la carte dining. You will be able to select from a wide range of dishes from the local and international cuisine.

Fiji Travel Packages: Activities and Attractions

It is important to check specifically what is included in your Fiji holiday package in terms of activities and attractions. Most activities offered within the resort are included in the package.

However, you may be charged separately for some spa and wellness treatments and for activities which require the use of specialised equipment. When you know exactly what is included in the deal and what is not, you will be able to plan your holiday effectively within your budget and avoid disappointment.

The attractions and activities outside of the resort where you will stay are paid separately. This, however, does not mean that you cannot enjoy lower rates. There are many Fiji packages for popular resorts which give you discounts on the top attractions in the area. You can get a discount on natural park tickets, on scuba diving lessons and on day trips, to name the main options.

Define your individual preferences and requirements to choose among the available Fiji travel packages. Do not miss out on an incredible holiday. For more information or to design your holiday package please click here.

Romantic Fiji Holiday – Honeymoon in Paradise

Fiji Packages – Scuba Diving Memories for a Lifetime

fiji-packagesIf you want to enjoy the true beauty of the underwater world through scuba diving, the Fiji packages are the best deals for you.

The country has 333 islands rising from the crystal clear waters which are home to coral reefs, colourful fish and other marine creatures, giant Mantas, turtles, various types of sharks and whales.

There are also exciting wrecks. You can enjoy scuba diving virtually everywhere in the country.

Fiji Packages: Easily Accessible Diving

One of the reasons why Fiji is popular with both beginner and advanced scuba divers is that this water sport is easily accessible. You can readily dive just a few metres from the beach. Many resorts have superb diving sports within their premises.

You can readily walk out of your bungalow, put the wetsuit and the equipment on and go diving. Besides, there are marine reserves off the coast of most islands. There are scuba diving schools virtually everywhere and any hotel and resort can organize a special course for you from the beginning of your stay.

Fiji Packages: When and Where to Dive

When it the best time to get Fiji packages for scuba diving vacations? Anytime is a great time to explore the underwater world of Fiji. Experienced divers recommend the wet season when the water is warmer and the surf is not particularly big. During this time, the plankton attracts manta rays so you can enjoy some unique experiences.

On the other hand, during the dry season, the underwater visibility is greater. Generally, the months bordering the wet and dry season and namely April and May and October and November can give you the best of both worlds – superb diving and great fun on the beach.

Where should you go diving? This is an extremely tough question to answer simply because the islands are full of great spots. The Mamanuca and Yasawa island groups have some of the most popular diving locations with Mamanuca being a popular choice because of its proximity to the tourist hub Nadi. Yasawa offers diving with manta rays and with sharks so it is certainly mandatory to visit it if you are into adventure.

Kadavu is popular for its exciting manta ray encounters year round and for the egg cowry shells. Its isolation and the lack of intense human activity make it even more appealing. Beqa Lagoon is another superb diving location famous for its Shark Encounter and the breathtaking coral formations. The North Group of islands was called by Cousteau the Soft Coral Capital of the world and it certainly has a lot to offer.

Do not miss out on the fabulous Fiji packages for scuba diving holidays. For more information or to design your holiday package please click here.

Fiji Travel Packages – Which is Best for You?


Fiji Holidays – When is the Best Time to Visit Fiji?

fiji-holidaysThe sun kissed beached, the crystal clear turquoise water and the lush green make Fiji holidays truly unforgettable.

You can enjoy a variety of activities for every taste from sunbathing and getting relaxing massages to scuba diving and mountain trekking. The question is when to visit the country and have the time of your life.

Fiji Holidays: The Dry Season

The island country has a tropical climate which is characterized by a dry season and wet season. The dry season spans from May to October and defines the peak tourist season for Fiji. During this time of the year, you can expect a lower humidity level and few rainfalls. The risk of cyclones and similar weather adversities is virtually none. Hence, it is considered the best time to visit the country.

The months of June and July are the busiest on the islands as far as tourist activity is concerned. They coincide with the winter in New Zealand so many people choose to have Fiji holidays during this time of the year in order to get charged by the sun and the warm waters. You can expect the airfare and accommodation rates to be the highest during these months, but with the right Fiji deals you can get a real bargain.

The time periods from the mid of April to the mid of May and from the mid of August to the mid of September are also fairly busy because of the local school holidays. That is why it is best to make an advance booking if you plan to visit the country during any of these periods.

Fiji Holidays: The Wet Season

The wet season spans from November to May. It has pretty much the same temperatures from around 25 °C to 30 °C. However, the humidity is higher and there are more frequent showers. It is possible for tropical cyclones to hit Fiji during this time of the year, but the risk of cyclones turning into natural disaster is extremely small.

You can readily consider having a holiday in Fiji during the wet season in order to save even more on accommodation and air travel. Some of the most popular regions of the country offering lots of attractions and activities are actually drier. These include Yasawa and Mamanuca.

One important thing to keep in mind is that December and January are the busiest months during the wet season because of the holidays in New Zealand, Australia and Fiji itself. February, March and November are the least busy months. November can be a great choice for Fiji holidays especially if the Diwali Festival is held during this month.

For more information or to design your holiday package please click here.

Fiji Packages – Scuba Diving Memories for a Lifetime

Fiji Holiday Packages – Planning Fun Activities

fiji-holiday-packagesYou can select from a great variety of Fiji holiday packages depending on your preferences and requirements. You will certainly find a lot of fun things to do during your holiday irrespective of your age and interests.

It is a good idea to plan each and every activity in advance so that you do not waist a minute of your trip. Your holiday is the perfect time to enjoy your favourite activities and to try new ones as well.

Fiji Holiday Packages: Relaxation and Cultural Tourism

If you want to relax fully during your holiday and forget about your daily life, you should consider staying at a private island resort. Consider some of the eco resorts in the country and the ones which are exclusively for couples and honeymooners. You can find great Fiji holiday packages for them.

For perfect privacy, you should consider staying in a bungalow on the beach. For complete relaxation, you should pick a resort with a spa and wellness centre which offers a full range of treatments for the body and soul from massages to hot tubs.

Exploring the local culture is a great way to have fun, learn more and meet some of the friendliest people in the world. You can visit a tribal village and take part in the kava ceremony and in ritual dances such as meke. Fire walking is a major attraction for tourists. The same is true for the lovo feast which includes a range of dishes cooked in a pit oven. The Fiji Museum in the capital Suva is worth visiting a swell. You can also attend various cultural festivals held at different times of the year.

Fiji Holiday Packages: Sports and Adventure

Fiji is a great place for an active holiday. You can include a wide range of water sports in your agenda. Snorkelling and scuba diving are among the most popular options. After all, the country is known as the Soft Coral Capital of the world. Almost every resort has a scuba diving and snorkelling centre so you will certainly be tempted to these activities. Swimming and kayaking are totally relaxing activities. They are suitable for people of all ages.

The country offers great opportunities for surfing. There are surfing resorts for those who are fond of this sport. Another option for enjoying surfing is to book a charter which will take you to all of the best surfing spots in Fiji. Other popular sports in the country are golf and fishing. The opportunities for them are excellent. White water rafting and trekking are fabulous activities as well.

Compare various Fiji holiday packages and pick the one which will give you the best experience at an affordable price.  To design your vacation package, click here.


Fiji Holidays – When is the Best Time to Visit Fiji?

A Fiji Deal for Accommodation

fiji-dealYou would certainly find the Fiji deal which meets your requirements precisely. You just have to know what you want your holiday to be like exactly.

The great thing is that the country has been a popular tourist destination for 35 years so there are plenty of options to pick from especially when it comes to accommodation.

Consider the main ones so that you can make the best choice.

Fiji Deal: Hotels and Resorts

The hotels and the resorts, in particular, are among the primary accommodation options for holidays in Fiji. This is because they offer not only bed and breakfast but plenty of other amenities such as a private beach, restaurants, spa services and opportunities for different kinds of sports such as swimming, surfing, diving, tennis and golf.

In a resort, you will certainly be pampered. Besides, your room or private bungalow will be just a few metres from the beach and have a spectacular sea view.

Most have a four or five-star rating so you can expect luxury. The resort stays are not cheap, but with the right Fiji deal you can get a great rate even for the most luxurious of places. Just work with the experts to secure the best bargain for you.

Fiji Deal: B&B, Retreats and More

The bed & breakfast Fiji accommodation is a great choice for those who want to experience the local cultural and culinary traditions and enjoy genuine local hospitality. This type of accommodation is clean, comfortable and moderately priced.

The retreats in Fiji are great budget options. They are nestled in the lush green and are typically fairly close to the shore. They offer clean and spacious rooms. There are not special amenities but you will not need those to have fun. One thing to keep in mind is that sometimes the bathroom facilities are shared.

Cruises are a great way to explore Fiji. The country is made up of 333 islands and all of the inhabited ones have something unique to offer. Going on a cruise will give you this opportunity. You can select the type of vessel to explore the islands with.

The large cruise ships offer luxury accommodation and a wide range of amenities plus first-class entertainment. Each stop on your journey will have unique attractions that you will enjoy fully. It is also possible to book a charter boat and plan your own route. This option is particularly popular with anglers and surfers.

You can readily choose the ideal accommodation for you and find a Fiji deal for it.

A Fiji holiday is great at any time of the year. To design your vacation package and get the best Fiji deals, click here.


Fiji Holiday Packages – Planning Fun Activities

Fiji Holiday Deals for the Perfect Vacation

fiji-holiday-dealsThe choice of Fiji holiday deals is huge due to the well developed tourist and travel industry in the country which is characterized by great competition.

However, this does not mean that you do not need to put effort in planning. There are a lot of decisions that you have to make in order to ensure that your holiday is perfect.

Proper planning will guarantee you lots of fun at the most affordable price.

Fiji Holiday Deals: Important Choices

As a start, you need to decide when to visit Fiji. The dry season from May to October is considered the best for the classic beach holidays. The wet season from November to April. During this period there are higher temperatures, warmer water and greater rainfall, but it’s still a good time to travel.

December and January are popular months for Kiwis to visit the islands so if you plan a holiday during these months, advance booking is crucial.

The next task is to choose the island where you want to stay. There are great Fiji holiday deals for virtually all popular locations. Nadi and the surrounding areas such as Coral Coast and the Mamanuca and Yasawa Island are popular tourist hubs which are easy to reach and have well developed transport facilities.

Vanua Levu and the Pacific Coast are other tourist favourites. Most of the more remote islands have more secluded and exclusive resorts which usually have higher rates. When choosing where to stay, you should consider the local attractions and activities and your personal preferences.

Decide on the type of accommodation that you want for your holiday. The resorts are the most popular options and not without reason. They have first class facilities and provide a wide range of activities within their premises.

There are resorts designed to provide perfect privacy to couples and ones with kids’ clubs and childcare services. The budget accommodation options are fewer. These include bed and breakfast, retreats and backpackers’ lodges.

Fiji Holiday Deals: Early Planning

You should start searching for Fiji deals as early as possible. That way, you will be able to pick from a great verity of options. More importantly, early booking usually results in lower rates.

As long as you have precise requirements defined, it will be easy for you to find the best deal for you. Look for deals that offer various kinds of bonuses which can save you more money such as free stay for the kids and vouchers for drinks.

The best Fiji holiday deals are waiting to be discovered. A Fiji holiday is great at any time of the year. To design your vacation package, click here.
A Fiji Deal for Accommodation

Parents’ Guide to Family Holidays Fiji

family-holidays-fijiMany Kiwi parents with kids choose family holidays Fiji.

The warm and soft tropical climate and the country’s great natural diversity make it an excellent choice for having fun and for learning as well.

What’s more, many of the resorts have special deals and programs for kids. Consider the available opportunities and plan the dream family trip to the island country.

Family Holidays Fiji: The Opportunities

Just like most exotic tourist hubs, Fiji is full of closed resorts which offer complete privacy and lots of amenities and activities for holiday makers. You will find plenty of family resorts dotted along the coast of the major islands such as Viti Levu and Vanua Levu.

There are also private island resorts which are suitable for families with children. The options are many and different and each one has a unique advantage so it is worth comparing them on the basis of your personal requirements and preferences.

Many of the resorts offer special deals for family holidays Fiji. Children younger than 12 can enjoy free stay and dining. In many cases, children under 17 get a free stay. You will find plenty of packages for families with 2 adults and 2 kids. With these packages, you pay only for the adults’ stay and meals. The children get corresponding free stay and meals.

All family resorts have kids’ clubs and kids’ facilities such as shallow swimming pools with slides, sandboxes and playgrounds. Activities which are commonly offered in kids’ clubs include games and arts, water fun, tours to local attractions and educational activities which involve learning about the marine life and the local culture. One-on-one childcare services are usually available and are sometimes part of the family holiday package.

Family Holidays Fiji: Holiday Planning

All Fiji packages for family holidays are subject to availability and the resorts can get full quite quickly for June and July and December and January. That is why it makes sense to plan your family trip well in advance. Work with travel experts to get the best possible deal for you and your family.

Generally, it is a good idea to pick a resort which offers plenty of activities for both children and adults. You would certainly want to explore the local area so it is best if it offers fun for everyone as well. Take a look at reviews from other families and consider personal references for choosing the best place for your holiday.

Enjoy the best family holidays Fiji with the exclusive family packages available. A Fiji holiday is great at any time of the year. To design your vacation package, click here.

Fiji Holiday Deals for the Perfect Vacation

Take Advantage Of Great Fiji Deals For An Unforgettable Holiday

fiji deals online sc311427Whether you want to see the All Blacks playing at Fiji in the beautiful Suva Stadium, or just want to get in some great body surfing at Nataldola Beach, there are fantastic Fiji deals to be enjoyed by all.

Fiji was settled by the Lapita people over 3,000 years ago, and the first European to discover it was Abel Tasman, in 1643.

Fiji Deals: Take Your Camera

Fiji became a British colony in October, of 1874, and gained its independence from Britain in 1970. Fiji is an island nation made up of 320 islands, only 120 of which are populated.

Perhaps the ideal time to visit Fiji is between June and October, because it is the winter season and the weather will be dry and warm. If you visit during the summer, keep in mind that the sun is especially hot during these months, so you will want to include plenty of sunscreen in your travel bags.

Speaking of packing, an underwater camera is absolutely necessary to bring with you, because if you go snorkeling, you are going to see some of the most stunning underwater photo opportunities ever, and you will not want to miss out on them.

People often ask why the beaches of the Fiji islands are so white. This is because of all of the dead coral that has been ground down over the centuries. You will also notice some beaches with black sand, as stunning as the white sand. This is from volcanic rock, that like the coral, has been ground into fine sand over the centuries.

Fiji Deals: Tourism Is Number One

The Fiji accommodations you find will be among the best you have ever stayed at, anywhere on earth. The reason for this is that besides sugar, tourism is the number one industry in Fiji, and the competition is fierce. This is also why you will find the restaurants in Fiji to be top-notch, with locations and settings as delicious as the cuisine.

Touring a sugar plantation will be an unforgettable experience, as is taking a tour of the Garden of the Sleeping Giant. Be sure to check out some of the great Fiji deals awaiting to make your holiday the most memorable holiday you have ever booked.

A Fiji holiday is great at any time of the year. To design your vacation package and get the best Fiji deals, click here.

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