The Best Fiji Travel Package for You

fiji-travel-packagesThere are superb Fiji travel packages for any taste.

You will certainly find the ideal deal for you no matter whether you plan a romantic holiday or a family trip. There are fabulous deals for those who dream of sunbathing all day long and for those who love adventure.

You can explore the country’s beautiful nature and rich culture both of which have a lot to offer. Use some helpful advice on how to choose the perfect holiday deal for you.

Fiji Travel Packages: Accommodation and Dining

You will find packages for virtually all of the popular resorts and hotels. Most of them offer standard double rooms and bungalows as well. You can expect the rooms to have air conditioning all the standard amenities.

Most resorts and hotels have a four-star or five-star rating and offer a wide range of facilities and activities from a private beach and swimming pools to spa treatments, kayaking and scuba diving. The resorts can be divided into two major groups – for couples and for families. There are also eco resorts.

You will find many Fiji travel packages that offer bed and breakfast. These are a great option for holiday makers who want to explore the local cuisine on their own. You will find great restaurants both in and outside of the major resorts. The all-inclusive packages are an excellent choice for families with kids and those who cannot afford to spend much on a la carte dining. You will be able to select from a wide range of dishes from the local and international cuisine.

Fiji Travel Packages: Activities and Attractions

It is important to check specifically what is included in your Fiji holiday package in terms of activities and attractions. Most activities offered within the resort are included in the package.

However, you may be charged separately for some spa and wellness treatments and for activities which require the use of specialised equipment. When you know exactly what is included in the deal and what is not, you will be able to plan your holiday effectively within your budget and avoid disappointment.

The attractions and activities outside of the resort where you will stay are paid separately. This, however, does not mean that you cannot enjoy lower rates. There are many Fiji packages for popular resorts which give you discounts on the top attractions in the area. You can get a discount on natural park tickets, on scuba diving lessons and on day trips, to name the main options.

Define your individual preferences and requirements to choose among the available Fiji travel packages. A Fiji holiday is the perfect escape. To design your vacation package and get the best deals, click here.


Fiji Travel Deals: Where to Stay

fiji-travel-dealsYou will be amazed by the great selection of Fiji travel deals available.

The country is fairly small but its tourist industry is well developed. Besides, there is a lot to see and do. Given that there are so many great spots, it is certainly not a simple task to pick the best place to stay.

Consider some of the popular options and cruising which give you the opportunity to explore many of the 333 islands of the country.

Fiji Travel Deals: Popular Spots

Nadi, which is on the major Viti Levu Island, is the major tourist hub in the country. It boasts with plenty of hotels and resorts, fabulous beaches and great entertainment.

A 20-minute boat ride will take you to some of the best diving spots in the country around the Mamanuca Islands. You can also devote a day to visiting the capital Suva boasts with exotic markets, the interesting national museum and spectacular nightlife.

Coral Coast is south of Nadi and is another popular place with tourists. You can find great Fiji travel deals for this part of the country as it offers everything from luxury to budget accommodation and from resorts with kids’ clubs to romantic retreats for honeymooners. Coral Coast offers a range of superb attractions including the Kula Eco Park and river safaris.

Mamanuca Islands have some great resorts as well. Yasawa Islands offer small private island resorts for romantic holidays and family resorts with childcare services. They are great for scuba diving especially with manta rays.

Vanua Levu is the second largest island in the country. It is home to one of the world’s best eco resorts. It boasts with a superb kids’ club. The island is a great starting point for exploring the soft coral reefs of the North Islands.

The Pacific Coast area is home to Pacific Harbour, the country’s adventure capital. You will find some of the most attractive diving locations in the area and some of the best resorts.

Fiji Travel Deals: Cruising

A cruise holiday is a great alternative to staying in just one place. It gives you the opportunity to visit many of the country’s exciting spots and enjoy numerous attractions such as tribal rituals in authentic villages, shark feeding and rainforest trekking.

The cruise ships offer plenty of fun activities on-board as well. You can expect fine dining and entertainment. Private charters are also an option.

It is a good idea to start looking for Fiji travel deals well in advance. The sooner you plan your holiday the cheaper and more fun it will be.

For more information or to design your holiday package please click here.

The Best Fiji Travel Packages for You

Why Choose Fiji Holidays?

fiji-holiday-packagesThere are many reasons to purchase Fiji holidays.

They have beautiful beaches, lovely weather, gorgeous landscapes and incredibly friendly people.

Alongside being a stunning holiday destination, Fiji is also cheap and easy to get to from New Zealand.

Beauty is Everywhere with Fiji Holidays

Fiji has some of the most beautiful beaches of all of the Pacific islands. Pristine white sands spill into warm aquamarine waters, palm trees sway in the gentle breezes, and it is incredibly easy to find deserted beaches where there is not a soul to be seen.

Also, with pleasant warm weather year round, and only a few short months of tropical rains, the beaches can be enjoyed almost any time of year.

The nature in Fiji has to be seen to be believed. There are lush tropical forests that open up into clearings with clean, clear waterfalls and bubbling rivers, and volcanic outcroppings that jut out of the sea.

For natural landscapes it doesn’t get much better than this.

Designing Fiji Holidays

Many people that visit this island nation on Fiji holidays say that the people are what made their trip unique and highly enjoyable. From the capital city of Suva to the remotely populated islands with small villages, it is easy to find warm and welcoming locals who will do their best to ensure a good time is had by all.

Perhaps the most attractive aspect of holidaying in Fiji however is that there are always great deals on flights and hotel packages to the island. No matter what your budget is or what style of traveller you are, there is surely a package that will suit your needs.

In addition, Fiji is just a hop, skip and a jump from New Zealand. Flights are approximately 3.5 hours, depending on the departure and arrival destinations. This means it is easy to get to, yet still a completely different world.

For the ultimate tropical island holiday, escape to Fiji where the weather is pleasant, the beaches and landscapes are stunning, and the people are friendly. With such great deals on Fiji holidays and such an easy travelling distance, this is the ideal holiday spot for New Zealanders.

For more information or to design your holiday package please click here.

Fiji Travel Deals: Where to Stay

Make The Most Of Fiji Holidays

fiji holidays online sc702531For its beautiful coral reefs, tropical climate, and breathtaking terrain, it is not surprising that more than 500,000 travelers select Fiji as their vacation destination each year.

Fiji holidays let you experience a unique part of the South Pacific, and there are a number of public holidays that you may be fortunate enough to experience as well.

Typically divided into nine groups, the islands offer enough variety to satisfy virtually anyone, whether you are traveling with a large family group or you are on a romantic excursion for two.

Fiji Holidays: The Best Of Everything

Fiji holidays can be about hopping from island to island, or immersing yourself in scuba diving and getting up close and personal to the amazing coral reefs. Package Fiji holidays may ensure that you get to experience the best of the tourist attractions, as well as enjoy staying in a secluded beach resort.

Everything from experiencing the lusciousness of a tropical rainforest, life in a traditional village, to the thrill of snorkeling in the warm open waters can be part of your great time in Fiji.

Fiji holidays planned during January, February, or March may allow you to experience the most ideal weather, as well as numerous exciting public celebrations. The wintertime fun in this part of the southern hemisphere includes New Year’s Day celebrations that often include fireworks and street parties, and some celebrations last as long as a month.

Fiji Holidays: Many Celebrations

National Youth Day is celebrated during the first week of May, and June 15th is a day of celebration in honor of Queen Elizabeth II as the traditional and former Queen of Fiji.

Beautiful coastal celebrations take place in September, as well as a variety of northern festivals. Fiji Day is celebrated on October 10th, and the week that leads up to this day is full of various cultural and religious ceremonies.

Fiji holidays occurring around this time may be especially meaningful if you are interested in experiencing the genuine diversity of these islands. Diwali, the colorful festival of lights celebrated by Hindus, and a number of Christmas festivals may be part of your Fiji experience if you travel here during November or December.

To design your vacation package, click here.

Why Choose Fiji Holidays?

Fiji Holidays: A Lifetime Of Memories

fiji holiday packages online sc231940When you are planning your Fiji holidays, try to schedule them in the winter months when the weather is clear and warm.

You will also want to give yourself plenty of time on your holiday, because with so much to do you will not want to have to rush around once you arrive in Fiji.

Fiji Holidays: Tourists Are Number One

Because tourism is the number one industry in Fiji, along with sugar, tourists are almost treated as a precious commodity.There are 320 islands that make up this island nation in the south pacific, many of which are uninhabited.

Perhaps the two most popular islands in Fiji are Nadi and Denarau, although you will have a great time not matter which island you decide to visit. The capital of Fiji is Suva, and Suva Stadium is a sparkling 20,000 seat venue for rugby.

Rugby Union is huge in Fiji, and few things can match the breathtaking and celebratory atmosphere of attending a Fiji Rugby Union match. Most islands offer some wonderful diving charters, some of which include shark diving tours.

Do not forget to bring an underwater camera with you. Suva also is home to the Fiji Museum, which is the oldest museum in the south pacific and holds artifacts that date back to ancient times.

Fiji Holidays: Craft Markets

The people of Fiji are skilled makers of various crafts, and many people make sure to visit a local craft’s market whenever they can.You can gossip with the locals, many of whom enjoy a bit of banter with the tourists.

If you golf, be sure to visit the Natadola Bay Championship Golf Course. This course is so beautiful that you probably will not even notice people playing through while you stare at the sites, lost in all the beauty of the perfectly landscaped course.

If white water rafting is a bit too much action for you, take the Salad Bowl Cave tour, which includes a gentle raft trip to the cave.

This will be an attraction you and your party will thoroughly enjoy, as your entertaining guide leads you on a torch-lit journey through a underground wonderland.

Over the years when you look back on many of the fun adventures that you had throughout life, your Fiji holidays will be at the fore-front of those wonderful memories.

To design your vacation package, click here.

Make The Most Of Fiji Holidays

Fiji Holidays Are Great For Anglers

fiji holidays online sc1254Fiji is a great holiday destination not only because it is just a short flight away from New Zealand with beautiful beaches, pristine nature and a laid back island vibe, but it is also a fantastic spot for anglers.

Whether an expert deep sea fishing veteran or a newbie to the world of big game fishing, Fiji holidays are the perfect opportunity to get out on the water and cast a line for all types of fish.

Fiji Holidays Are Exotic

The waters off the islands of Fiji are literally teeming with all sorts of exotic marine life, making them an angler’s dream. Blue marlin, barracuda, yellow fin tuna, and mackerel are just a few of the species of fish that can be caught here. In addition to the open waters, there are plenty of mangroves, freshwater streams and lakes that are ideal spots for fishing.

Although fishing in Fiji is favourable all year round, there are certain time periods that are best for particular types of fish. February is the best month to fish for barracuda and giant trevally, July is great for blue marlin, wahoo and dogtooth tuna, and November is a fantastic month to net black marlin and dolphin fish. And many species are available all year round, including sailfish and yellow fin tuna.

Fiji Holidays For Every Fisherman’s Wish

Fishing is easy on Fiji holidays as there a number of charter boats that make daily trips out to the various islands and further out to sea. Visitors can hire a guide to show them all the secret spots that yield big catches, or they can hire their own boat. Avid anglers can book fishing trips online from the comfort of their homes, or simply talk to one of the many travel agents on the island.

For big game fishers or beginner anglers, Fiji is a great spot to catch a multitude of exotic and common fish. The calm ocean waters, rich mangrove forests and crystal clear freshwater lakes and streams make this a one of the best fishing spots in the world. And with easy access to boats and guides, Fiji holidays are a great opportunity to get out there and catch the perfect fish.

A Fiji holiday is great at any time of the year. To design your vacation package, click here.

Fiji Holidays: A Lifetime Of Memories

Fiji Deals: Unforgettable South Pacific Holidays

fiji deals online sc1222Fiji deals bring you to tropical South Pacific beaches, great surf and diving, rain forests, fascinating culture and traditions.

Whether you are looking for an unforgettable honeymoon, a beach break or a family trip to the South Pacific, there are some great Fiji deals with direct flights from New Zealand.

Fiji Deals For Sun And Surf

Fiji consists of over 300 islands and many of them are uninhabited. Many islands have white sandy beaches, lagoons with clean water, waves that attract surfers from far away, and coral reefs with an amazing variety of marine life.

Fiji is especially famous for its soft coral variety and you can dive here around the year. The interior of several islands is covered with tropical rainforest and some islands are famous for their trekking opportunities.

The population of Fiji is a mix of many different cultures. This mix also shows in the food and you can enjoy a variety of cuisines while visiting the island, although one of the best options is always fresh seafood. Fiji is a paradise for fishing enthusiasts, and many Fiji deals offer special fishing packages.

Fiji Deals For An Active Holiday

There is a lot to see and do on the islands and Fiji is a great destination for anyone who wants an active holiday. Try scuba diving, kayaking, canoeing, sailing, trekking through the rain forest, a boat trip through the mangrove forests on the Viti Levu Island, or a trip to hot springs that are believed to have healing properties.

Visit the famous sand dunes by the Sigatoka River, climb up to Lake Tagimaucia on Taveuni Island, or go wildlife watching and spot parrots or turtles. You can also visit traditional villages and learn about the local culture, and no visit to Fiji would be complete without a drink of the local kava.

Fiji deals come with accommodation for all budgets. You can stay in affordable beach huts or enjoy five-star luxury. Many islands have eco-huts and Fiji is known for its many ecotourism projects. Most Fiji deals include accommodation and flights, and getting to Fiji is easy. There are direct flights to Fiji from Auckland and Christchurch with Air Pacific and with Air New Zealand.

For more information or to design your holiday package please click here.

Fiji Holidays Are Great For Anglers

Spectacular and Fun Fiji Holidays

fiji-holidaysOne of the most fun aspects of planning a holiday is deciding on where to go.

When you are considering places to go to go away for awhile, Fiji holidays offer fantastic fun and adventure.

There are so many different things to do, you will be spoilt for choice!

Options for Fiji Holidays

This island nation is located in Melanesia, in the south pacific, and it has two major industries: tourism, and sugar. In fact, a tour of one of the sugar plantations is a delightful way to spend an afternoon.

When you visit Fiji, however, make sure to bring plenty of sunscreen, because you will find that the sun is hotter, there, than it is in many places. Fortunately, there is plenty of sparkling water to splash around in and keep you cool.

Scuba diving is a brilliant option when visiting Fiji, and you will want to be sure to explore the coral reefs. Bring an underwater camera, because the sights you see below the water are as spectacular as the sights you see above the water.

Fiji Holidays: Sport and Food

If you are a Rugby Union enthusiast, of course, you will want to take in a match. Suva Stadium holds 20,000 people and is a beautiful venue for seeing a match. Although Fiji did not advance past the group stages in the 2011 Rugby World Cup, they always field an exciting team, and it is well worth the time to attend a match.

There are some spectacular restaurants in which to dine during your Fiji holidays, and the Banyan Restaurant on the Beqa island is a beautiful place to have lunch. Make sure to dine on the patio, where a large flowering tree spreads its branches over the open air dining area.

Although the Nadi and Denarau islands are two of the most popular destinations for tourists, make sure to visit Dolphin Island and have dinner at The Dolphin Island Restaurant. The chef serves gourmet meals that have been in her family for generations, and the atmosphere is divine.

Whether you dine in the luxurious indoor setting, or while away the time amid the flora outside, a meal at the Dolphin Island Restaurant will be as memorable as every other aspect of your holiday in Fiji.

A Fiji holiday will tick all the boxes for any adventure. To design your vacation package, click here.

Fiji Deals: Unforgettable South Pacific Holidays

Tying the Knot on Fiji Holidays

fiji-holidaysEvery bride wishes her wedding day to be the most special day in her life.

If you too are ready to walk down the altar and wish to have a destination wedding that will be as memorable for you as for your guests, you can say your “I do” while on Fiji holidays.

You can opt for an all-inclusive Fiji wedding package that includes air tickets, stay in a luxury resort, wedding and honeymoon, all meals and snacks, a number of romantic activities as well as honeymoon goodies.

Weddings and Fiji Holidays

Some other add-ons that you can find in certain Fiji packages for weddings and honeymoon couples include a bottle of the bubbly and a basket of fresh fruit in the room. That apart, pampering massage session for the bride and groom are also included in some packages that take care of legal registration of the marriage, arranging for a church minister, a wedding coordinator and Fijian choir.

However, if you want your Fiji wedding to be unique, you can book a resort of your choice and make your wedding arrangements as per your liking.

Your Fiji marriage will be legally accepted anywhere around the world as long as you register the same by providing necessary documentation and photocopies of your passports and birth certificates. In case you are tying the knot for the second time, you need to produce a photocopy of the divorce papers. Individuals above the age of 21 years have the legal right to get married in Fiji while those below that age will require parental consent for the same.

Benefits of Fiji Holidays Nuptials

The best part about getting married while on a Fiji holiday is that there is no minimum staying requirement on the island. Thus, you can come to the island, get married and leave on the same day or extend your stay and spend your honeymoon on the island.

While browsing through Fiji packages for weddings, you should select the one that includes resort bookings with daily house cleaner service. In addition, make sure that the package includes all meals and snacks and is packed with a host of activities such as kayaking, swimming, hiking, wind surfing, snorkelling and cruising on sailboats.

Fiji provides the perfect backdrop for a romantic and memorable wedding day. To design your vacation package, click here.

Fiji Holidays on the Cheap

fiji-holidaysThere is nothing better than spending a holiday in an exotic island and knowing that you did not have to spend outrageous amounts for airfare and accommodations.

Budget-conscious travellers will be happy to know that there are numerous ways to enjoy Fiji holidays on the cheap if you know where to look.

It also pays to know the best times to look for cheap holiday packages to the islands, which gives you a better chance of finding dirt-cheap deals.

Promo Fares and Group Rates for Fiji Holidays

This is the best way to get cheap travel deals to Fiji. Check airlines for promo fares, which most airlines do several times in a year. Some airlines slash as much as 50% off plane fares especially during the low season months.

Hotels in Fiji may also offer lower rates and group discounts during the off-season, which starts in November. For example, some hotels offer two bonus nights for the price of four for groups of five or six.

Are you looking for cheap holiday activities that won’t hurt your pockets? Fiji is brimming with natural wonders so you have many activities available to you if you want to be entertained without having to spend a lot.

Top places to visit include the Garden of the Sleeping Giant, the Fiji Museum, the archaeological sites in the Sigatoka Valley, and the beaches of the Coral Coast, which are also great places to see a spectacular Fiji sunset.

Save on Transportation During Fiji Holidays

If you want to reduce transportation costs when getting around the islands, you may want to try biking as well. This is becoming an increasingly popular option for tourists and locals alike, and you can get half of your sightseeing done on your own time on a bike.

Bike rentals can be quite expensive, so make sure that you can visit as many places as you can on a bike before you have to return it.

Fiji holidays can be fun and inexpensive as long as you know how to look for the most affordable deals. Enjoying the island does not mean you have to try out all the rides or stay in the most expensive hotels.

After all, the best things Fiji has to offer lies in its pristine beaches and spectacular sunsets, which anyone can enjoy free.

Create some amazing memories in Fiji on your next vacation! For stunning scenery and an amazing culture, choose Fiji for your next holiday. To design your vacation package, click here.

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