fiji-holiday-packagesYou can select from a great variety of Fiji holiday packages depending on your preferences and requirements. You will certainly find a lot of fun things to do during your holiday irrespective of your age and interests.

It is a good idea to plan each and every activity in advance so that you do not waist a minute of your trip. Your holiday is the perfect time to enjoy your favourite activities and to try new ones as well.

Fiji Holiday Packages: Relaxation and Cultural Tourism

If you want to relax fully during your holiday and forget about your daily life, you should consider staying at a private island resort. Consider some of the eco resorts in the country and the ones which are exclusively for couples and honeymooners. You can find great Fiji holiday packages for them.

For perfect privacy, you should consider staying in a bungalow on the beach. For complete relaxation, you should pick a resort with a spa and wellness centre which offers a full range of treatments for the body and soul from massages to hot tubs.

Exploring the local culture is a great way to have fun, learn more and meet some of the friendliest people in the world. You can visit a tribal village and take part in the kava ceremony and in ritual dances such as meke. Fire walking is a major attraction for tourists. The same is true for the lovo feast which includes a range of dishes cooked in a pit oven. The Fiji Museum in the capital Suva is worth visiting a swell. You can also attend various cultural festivals held at different times of the year.

Fiji Holiday Packages: Sports and Adventure

Fiji is a great place for an active holiday. You can include a wide range of water sports in your agenda. Snorkelling and scuba diving are among the most popular options. After all, the country is known as the Soft Coral Capital of the world. Almost every resort has a scuba diving and snorkelling centre so you will certainly be tempted to these activities. Swimming and kayaking are totally relaxing activities. They are suitable for people of all ages.

The country offers great opportunities for surfing. There are surfing resorts for those who are fond of this sport. Another option for enjoying surfing is to book a charter which will take you to all of the best surfing spots in Fiji. Other popular sports in the country are golf and fishing. The opportunities for them are excellent. White water rafting and trekking are fabulous activities as well.

Compare various Fiji holiday packages and pick the one which will give you the best experience at an affordable price.  To design your vacation package, click here.


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